The Only PCAB Accredited Pharmacy in Canada

Established in 2007 by eight of the nation’s leading pharmacy organizations, Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) offers the most comprehensive compliance solution in the industry, with standards based on U.S. Pharmacopoeial Convention Guidelines (USP).

Practice Areas

Specialty Medications

Specialty compounded medications to doctors, patient treatment centers, specialists and fellow pharmacies.

Customized Skin Care

Your skin profile with a unique combination of active ingredients made specifically for you and your skin type.

Pain Management

Custom medicine strengths and dosage forms that are not available commercially at regular retail pharmacies.

Hormonal Health

Compounded medicines are often made in small quantities to meet the needs of specific or anticipated patients.


Consistent standards, adherence of legislative requirements, professional standards of practice, and ethical principles are the key to success in the healthcare industry.

Why Choose Our Pharmacy

PCAB Accredited

PCAB Accreditation in combination with the pharmacy’s commitment to continuous compliance significantly reduces the risk associated with compounding medications and demonstrates a commitment to meeting the highest industry standards for quality and safety.

Industry Trusted

Torrance Compounding pharmacy is the first choice for many doctors, institutions, patient treatment centers, specialists ,fellow pharmacists and pharmacies that require compounded medication.


Consistent standards, adherence of legislative requirements, professional standards of practice, and ethical principles are the key to success in the health care industry.

Our Affliates

What Our Clients Say

Professional compounding done right! The whole team is super helpful.
Marvin Ng
What a great experience! Torrance Compounding Pharmacy is not your average Pharmacy. Right from coming into the doors, it has such a cozy feel welcoming feel to it. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and were able to answer all of my questions quickly and efficiently. Sandra really knows her stuff and you get a genuine since that she has your best interest at heart and is there to help
Maxine Knight
Torrance pharmacy - what a fantastic experience. I got some extra TLC that I don`t get from Shoppers. Sandra was extremely knowledgeable but went beyond my prescription and shared natural remedies and she even teaches Yoga. It was a great chat. They take insurance but if you don't have insurance; they will give you the best price. I get my dog`s medications from this pharmacy as my vet was charging an arm and a leg!
Elaine Wong

Scarborough Compounding Lab Location

Hours of Operation*: 

Mon11am – 7pm 
Tue11am – 7pm 
Wed11am – 7pm 
Thu11am – 7pm 
Fri11am – 7pm 
Sat11am – 3pm

*Hours are for Compounding Lab are separate from Retail Pharmacy.

Markham Compounding Lab Location

Hours of Operation: 
Mon 10am – 6pm
Tue 10am – 6pm
Wed 10am – 6pm
Thu 10am – 6pm
Fri 10am – 6pm
Sat 10am – 2pm
Sun closed

Scarborough Retail/Clinic Pharmacy Location

Hours of Operation**: 

Mon10am – 6pm 
Tue10am – 8pm 
Wed10am – 6pm 
Thu10am – 6pm 
Fri10am – 7pm 
Sat9am – 1pm

** Hours are for Retail Pharmacy are separate from Compounding Lab.

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